5 Ways Artists Can Use Twitter

When it comes to artists, social media is a fantastic place to promote your artwork, as so much of social media relies heavily on visuals; but, you can't forget to promote your personal brand, as well. Here are 5 simple ways any artist can use Twitter to grow their brand and promote their artwork. 

  1. Follow other artists on Twitter and engage, engage, engage! When someone you follow posts a new piece of art, make it a habit of retweeting with praise. 
  2. Use daily hashtags to build your art tribe; for example, on Monday, Tweet a #MondayMotivation quote from a famous artist, or even share what's on your docket for the week. 
  3. Connect daily life with your artwork by using the greater world to engage with your followers, for example - is it a rainy day outside and you have a photo/print/painting inspired by the rain? Share it! 
  4. Use hashtags! Some great hashtags for artists to use are #artgallery#artnews#artinfo#painting#photo#photography,  #abstract#acrylic#watercolor. If you are a specific type of artist, such as watercolor artist, try searching hashtags on twitter and following people who commonly use that hashtag. 
  5. And lastly, obviously - use it as a platform to share your work! You can even engage followers by posting unfinished pieces and asking for feedback or even what direction/color/theme you should go in - the more your followers feel part of the experience, the more they will pay attention (and share, engage, follow) with your brand and artwork. 

Are you an artist who uses Twitter? How have you used Twitter to promote yourself?