3 Things You Should Do RIGHT NOW If You Want To Be An Influencer

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you want to become an influencer, but here are three simple things you should stop and do right now if you want to become an influencer:

  1. Put your email address in the bio section of your Instagram account. Why? While it’s also great to have your email in the email button/section of your account, and it seems simple enough to click the “email” link on your profile - the email button doesn’t show up on a computer - so if a marketing director is looking at your account on the computer, they will not be able to easily see your email address (nor do they have the time to go searching for it). Simply put, just add your email address to your bio in your account.

IMG_0551 (2).png

2. Keep your photos clear, bright, and crisp! If you’re looking to work with brands, even if you have 5 followers, brands will notice the difference between professional style photos and amateurish photos. Keep it consistent with the photos; remember, you are a marketing tool, this isn’t a family photo album with blurry photos.

3. Pick a username which isn’t impossible to say or type - often user names have to be added to lists, so don’t pick a user name which is hard to type over and over - or a user name which is hard to say or remember - you want people to be able to remember your username name clearly.

Those simple tips are just a start, but in order to become a successful influencer, you want to lay the groundwork for a long and robust career in influencer marketing.