Who we are


Howell Social Media is a social media management and marketing company based on Long Island, New York. We thrive by working with small businesses, boutiques, authors, and artists. Working primarily with local businesses enables us to team with you as a human, not just as another name in our client portfolio. We'll get to know and genuinely represent your business, voice and brand-- all of which are very important in supporting the hard work that you've put into your business. 

It's our job to introduce and tout your business into the ever-evolving world of social media in new, creative and strategic ways. Looking to reach new customers? Want to strengthen your existing client base? No problem. We work closely with you to develop a strategic plan to achieve your social marketing goals. 

We'll create and manage your social media accounts-- consistently maintaining, monitoring, updating, posting and responding to customer queries and comments around the clock.


What We Do


Our services are catered to you, and only you. Whether you'd like for us to create and maintain your social media platform, or monitor your Facebook and Twitter accounts during your busiest days, Howell Social Media will cater to your needs! Our goal is not only make your life easier, but also build your tribe online and promote your business on the social media venue(s) of your choice. Not sure what you'd like to do? Just ask and we'll offer some suggestions based on your business needs

At Howell Social Media, we're committed to working closely with our clients. We maintain close contact, ensuring that your company is represented and voiced exactly as you would do it yourself





Our job is not only to reach new and existing customers on social media, but also to research. We'll sort through the vast amount of information online to connect your business to potential customers and other local businesses. We're constantly searching Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We'll make the necessary connections, develop dialogue with other brands, and get your business out there!


Your business is unique, which is why we'll cater your social media outreach to benefit you. We'll think outside the box to get your brand the attention that it deserves on social media. We take the stress out of planning giveaways and promoting sales. We also design and send email newsletters, organize product integration, and make connections in order to further gain notoriety for you, and only you.


It's important to have a following -- an online community of dedicated customers through social media. We'll work to build your community of followers on every social media platform, in order to have your business' name known within your local community and on the Internet. Your tribe will help grow your reach by word of mouth and recommendations.