Who we are


Howell Media House is a woman owned full service media management company based in New York. We thrive by working with small businesses, creatives, brands, and influencers. Working primarily with small businesses enables us to team with you as a human, not just as another name in our client portfolio. We'll get to know and genuinely represent your business, voice and brand -- all of which are very important in supporting the hard work that you've put into your business. 

It's our job to introduce and tout your business into the ever-evolving world of social media in new, creative and strategic ways. Looking to reach new customers? Want to strengthen your existing client base? No problem. We work closely with you to develop a strategic plan to achieve your social marketing and networking goals. 


What We Do


Our services are catered to you, and only you. We work closely with our clients in a plethora of  ways to build your tribe online and promote your business.  Whether you'd like for us to create and maintain your social media platform, or monitor your Facebook and Twitter accounts during your busiest days, Howell Media House will cater to your needs! Howell Media House offers a variety of services such as social marketing, social media management, giveaway coordination, brand development, content writing, influencer outreach, networking, public relations, and more. 

Howell Media House specializes in the following:

  • Social media strategy

  • Monthly social media management

  • Editorial calendar organization

  • Social media analysis

  • Customized content creation

  • Influencer campaign development

  • Copywriting and freelance article writing

  • Organic social media growth

  • Not sure what you'd like to do? Just ask and we'll offer some suggestions based on your business needs.

Not sure if monthly management is right for you? We offer one-time consults for entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners, and influencers.

— Instagram audit—


Are you trying to manage your Instagram account on your own and feeling totally overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated? Sometimes all it takes is a deep-dive into your analytics and account information to diagnose the problem areas and create customized and easily implemented solutions to manage your Instagram like a pro.


Each basic Instagram Audit includes:

  • A free 10 minute consultation on the phone to discuss your Instagram concerns and habits; once we get started, you will be emailed a personalized questionnaire about your goals for the consultation and strategy for your Instagram.

  • Complete analysis of your Instagram's engagement for the last 30 days, this includes information on your followers, impressions, top posts; analysis will be sent to you before our consult.

  • You will receive, an action plan to help guide you on your Insta-journey, 4 sets of custom hashtag sets, personalized information on when and how much to post, and easily implemented steps you can take to manage the account on your own.

  • One hour phone consultation where we will discuss your custom analytics, how to use hashtags, Instagram stories, maximizing engagement, Instagram tricks, utilizing your link in bio, complete analysis of your followers, and more. 

the instagram audit package is $575 and includes the above information for one instagram account.

Email me today to set up your 10 minute call and start your journey to Insta-success.

— Social Media Plan —


Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, or simply confused about social media? We're here to set you up for success running your own social media with ease and enjoyment. If you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring a social media manager, but can’t quite budget for it yet, our social media plan will give you all the tools and tactics you need to manage your own social media with confidence. 


Each basic Social Media Plan includes:

  • A free 15 minute consultation on the phone to discuss your social media goals and habits; once we get started, you will be emailed a personalized questionnaire about your goals for the consultation and strategy for your social media platform of choice.

  • Complete analysis of your platform’s engagement for the last 30 days, this includes information on your followers, impressions, top posts. Analysis of your social media platform’s content in terms of engagement, aesthetic, captions, hashtag use, and more. 

  • You will receive a social media plan for weekly posting including content and caption ideas and examples; 2 custom graphic templates for Instagram, 2 custom graphic templates for Instagram stories; an action plan to help guide you in managing your own account; 4 sets of custom hashtags, personalized information on when and how much to post, as well as guidelines in updating your graphics with font and color recommendations. You will receive this plan prior to the phone consultation. 

  • One hour phone consultation where we will discuss your analytics, hashtags, content, maximum utilization of platform’s tools and tricks, goals for social media, Instagram Stories, time-availability, engagement tactics, and more. 

the Social Media Plan consult is $875 and includes the above information for one social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Email me today to set up your 15 minute call and you can begin to feel confident managing your own social media.






Our job is not only to reach new and existing customers via social media and networking, but also to research and connect. We'll sort through the vast amount of information online to connect your business to potential customers and other businesses. We'll make the necessary connections, develop dialogue with other brands, and get your business out there!


Your brand is unique, which is why we'll cater your media outreach to benefit you. We'll think outside the box to get your brand the attention that it deserves on social media. We take the stress out of planning giveaways and promoting sales. We also design and send email newsletters, organize product integration, and make connections in order to further gain notoriety for you, and only you.


It's important to have a following -- an online community of dedicated customers. We'll work to build your community of followers on every social media platform, in order to have your brand's name known within your community and on the Internet. We'll research, connect, and manage influencers to promote your brand. Your tribe will help grow your reach by word of mouth and recommendations.

Our content creators are more than just their number.


 Howell Media House believes a content creator is more than just their following count. Did you know that according to Social Media Today, “A whopping 90% of consumers said that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support - up from 86% in 2017.” Howell Media House represents authentic influencers, content creators, bloggers and writers with loyal followings and robust engagement rates. We believe quality is more important than quantity when it comes to influencer marketing, and we are proud of our dedicated and hard-working influencers and creators.

Interested in learning more about working with our content creators? Reach out and say hi.

Pleasure to work with doesn’t even begin to describe my experience with Olivia. She is one of the most professional, creative and hardworking people I know.
— Monica Banks, Gugu Guru
The personalized attention my company received from the owner, the creative posts, and the ability for Howell Media House to capture the essence of my customer relationships was exceptional.
— Jennifer, Eat Good Market
What I think I love about working with Olivia the most is that she is always working on her own professional development; staying on top of industry trends and constantly thinking about how she can do her job even better.
— Amandine Liepmann, Mitz Kids